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IT Business Guru is one of the reputed global service providers for IT Enabled Services. We have several years of experience in Designing & Development of Websites, E-Commerce, Mobile Apps, Digital Marketing Services & Branding. We are focused on bringing to life great ideas and solutions that drive progress for our clients. We are here to craft a strategy that will communicate to customers, investors and your industry of what they can expect from you and your brand.

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Sue Vivian


Firstly I would like to say that the website gets a big tick from me, being built on the Wordpress platform. Wordpress is the industry leader in terms of flexibility with updating content, as well as being SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly, so it is kind of the preferred platform for Google.

475 volleybal spikes in 2014,
1450sitemaps created and counting …
8 seed investments confirmed in 2014,
220 mobile apps created

Sherina Swan


Thank you IT Business Guru for designing our website. The team was responsive and ensured that all our requested changes were made to our satisfaction. It was a pleasure working with you. All the best.

1000 baskets scored in 2014,
75 network events attended in 2014,
300 different pairs of shoes,
48 manicures in 1 year

Bhond James


Reader, wanderer, caffeine junkie. Conscientious planetary citizen, in various states of contemplation. Avid enthusiast of all (non-human) creatures.

96 movies watched,
43 logos approved,
9 different types of pizza omnommed,
215 nba2k matches played on ps3

Ali Rizwan

Head of Technology

Design specialist who hasn't met a problem he did not enjoy solving. Aficionado of fast cars, drawing the old fashioned way and travelling to new destinations.

1153 hours of playing on Xbox,
2400 hours of Project Management,
1 birthday celebrated,
325 GTA maps created

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